Nell Irvin Painter


Sixtieth Birthday Tribute
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Nell Painter celebrated her 60th birthday on August 2, 2002. As part of the celebration of this milestone, her family organized a tribute on this website. Many of Nell's friends simply extended their greetings; others recalled personal experiences with Nell; others provided appreciations of her scholarly work. In addition to these pages of greetings and tributes, the celebration also included an on-line photo album. The family will continue to post late arrivals. Please e-mail the text you would like to have posted here to her husband, Glenn Shafer, at

We will also continue to enlarge the photo album. If you want to add a photograph to a message you already sent, please e-mail it to Glenn or write to him for a mailing address; we will scan the photograph and return it. We would especially like to have more photographs of Nell and her friends from the 1960s and 1970s.

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