Nell Irvin Painter


Reviews: Southern History across the Color Line

"Nell Painter's Southern History across the Color Line is an important and welcome collection. Her essays are always timely, telling, and provocative. They take risks and often seek to confound categories, topically and conceptually. And they chart the intellectual range and growth of one of our leading historians and teachers."--Steven Hahn, Northwestern University

"Nell Irvin Painter is one of the major historians of our time. This invaluable collection brings together work that has influenced a generation of scholars and will continue to shape scholarship for the foreseeable future. Painter's powerful and transgressive questioning of the tenets of southern history and southern historiography has opened up new ways of understanding both the centrality of race and the necessity of moving beyond it. This is essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the American condition."--Hazel V. Carby, Yale University

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